PIM is a group of technicians who provide quality control and safety services related to the construction and maintenance of various plants.




Inspection and Expediting Services for Overseas Clients

PIM’s Inspection department provides a wide range of quality services for the supply chains of a range of industries.
By utilizing our many years of accumulated expertise, our inspection and expediting services can provide well-grounded
results in response to customers’ requests.
We offer high quality Inspection and Expediting management services at a low cost.
・Vendor Shop Inspections and Expediting
・Site Inspections
・Pre-shipment Inspections
・Maintenance Inspections
・Materials Testing
・Welding Inspections
・Non-Destructive Testing
 and more

One of our experts will respond to your inquiry.
Please contact:

Hitoshi Koga
Senior Inspector/Expeditor, Quality Control Supervisor
Insp. Dept. General Manager
PIM Corporation
Funabashi Twin Bldg. West 6FL. 7-7-1 Honcho, Funabashi City, Chiba 273-0005, Japan
Tel +81 47 425 0944 Fax +81 47 425 0946
E-mail koga@pim.co.jp


Please feel free to consult with us regarding other areas as well.

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