PIM is a group of technicians who provide quality control and safety services related to the construction and maintenance of various plants.





1984 In November 1984,Toyo and NDIC establishes “PIM”, a joint venture company, in Tokyo.
Capital: 25 million yen (Toyo 60 %, NDIC 40%).
Susumu Tannowa is appointed as the first president of PIM.
1985 PIM obtains Special Construction Business License from the Governor of Tokyo.
PIM launches services to repair EP and supply acoustic granulators.
1986 The Master Agreement of Inspection Contract Work between PIM and TOYO is concluded.
Inspection services and periodic checkups for Polyplastics Co., Ltd. are launched.
1987 Head Office starts operating in Funabashi, Chiba.
PIM obtains an Ordinary Construction Business License (Machinery,equipment,and facility business) from the Governor of Chiba Prefecture.
1988 Masahiko Takayanagi is appointed as PIM’s second president.
Collaboration with Suzuko Kogyou Co., Ltd. is launched.
1989 Debt that had accumulated since the company started is eliminated.
The Nikkei Stock Average reaches record high.
1990 PIM inspection department begins operating in TOYO Engineering head office.
Maintenance business for Unilever Japan Utsunomiya factory is launched.
1991 Accounting computer system is installed.
Inspection requests from TOYO domestic business increase significantly.
1992 Inspections of Korean procurement goods of TOYO starts PIM’s primary activity.
Construction QC service for domestic ethylene plant is a huge success.
1993 PIM update Ordinary Construction Business License from the Governor of Chiba Prefecture.
1994 PIM 10th anniversary gifts (prepaid phone cards) are given away.
ISO-standard-based Quality Control Service is launched.
1995 The bursting of the nation’s asset-inflated economic bubble creates significant after-effects.
e.g. Credit unions collapse, housing loan lenders’ experience problems related to non-performing loans, etc.
1996 Yasuo Kitamura is appointed as PIM’s third president.
PIM launches operations of Pharmaceutical Validation department.
1997 PIM establishes new System Administration group.
Annealing operation work for piping welding begins.
1998 PIM executes significant organizational changes and establishes new System administration
department and Project management department to counter long-term slump.
Inspection and expediting services on behalf of overseas inspection company are launched.
1999 PIM obtains General Worker Dispatching Undertaking License from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.
Resident inspection staff disengage from the TOYO office in line with TOYO’s medium-term management plan.
2000 PIM establishes a subsidiary, “e-an”, focused on system development.
Factory operation consulting and maintenance services for Kobe Fishmeal Factory are launched.
2001 Tsuguo Kitazono is appointed as PIM’s forth president.
PIM withdraws from managing its “e-an” subsidiary.
2002 shareholder distribution is changed (TOYO 60% → 5%, NDIC 40% → 95%)
NDIC becomes a de- facto mother body.
2003 Takashi Matsuura is appointed as PIM’s fifth president.
PIM executes agreement with Korean inspection company “SGS Korea”.
2004 PIM establishes “Quality Management System” based on requirements of ISO9001:2000.
2005 PIM launches engineer dispatch service for JGC Group.
2006 Company website is updated.
PIM starts dispatching construction supervisors to ShinEtsu USA.
2007 PIM achieves target of winning more than 20 clients.
Execution of agreement with top global engineering company “CB & I”.
2008 PIM obtains a changed employment placement services license from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.
Dispatching of construction supervisors to ShinEtsu USA is re-started.
2009 PIM 25th Anniversary Biography is published.
Dispatching of engineers for Tohoku Electric Power (Onagawa Nuclear Power Station and Haramachi Thermal Power Plant) begins.
2010 PIM starts dispatching engineers for Tohoku Electric Power, Tohoku branch.
2011 PIM acquire ISO9001: 2008 certification.
The Great East Japan Earthquake occurs.
Nuclear power stations in Japan are shut down due to the Great East Japan Earthquake.
2012 PIM receives piping QC job contract for plant construction of TOYO Indonesia “IKPT”.
2013 Asao Kuto is appointed as PIM’s sixth president.
PIM receives lump sum assignment from Hitachi. (QC and delivery control of overseas
PIM receives job orders from Toshiba. (Inspection work in South Korea, nuclear plant construction in U.S. and commodities control in Indonesia.)
2014 PIM is assigned four kinds of business (coordination, expediting, delivery control and QC) by TOYO.
PIM receive assignments from Hitachi and TOSHIBA on continuous basis.